Lesson prices from MINT are extremely competitive, and offer great value for money


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A lesson lasts for an hour, although we usually recommend taking two lessons together – that way you can warm up, and then have some good quality driving time.  If two hours sounds a bit daunting, you can book an hour and a half if you prefer – we’re completely flexible, and happy to do whatever suits you. Once you’ve started learning with MINT, you’ll continue to enjoy savings with:

  • DISCOUNTS on block bookings
  • FREE motorway lesson*
  • DISCOUNTS for Pass Plus*
  • Pass plus scheme at only £199 for the whole course!

To book your first lesson, call 0800 0141 679 or fill out the form here

*available to drivers who have learnt with the same MINT Instructor from start to finish

All offers are at the discretion of the individual Instructor

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