We’re really happy to hear news from Nottingham Police that the number of new drivers caught…

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Drop in Nottingham Drink Drive Rate – Welcome News from Mint Driving Schools Driving Instructors

We’re really happy to hear news from Nottingham Police that the number of new drivers caught drink-driving in Nottingham has fallen, according to This is Nottinghamshire.  Nottingham Police statistics reveal that eight seventeen year olds were arrested for being over the limit whilst driving last year, compared to 13 the year before and with a whopping 28 in 2009 and 35 in 2008.

Our Nottingham driving instructors are only too aware of the risks that drink-driving poses to drivers, passengers and fellow road users and are always happy to advise on safe driving in relation to alcohol consumption.  Our Nottingham driving lessons are geared towards, not only getting learner drivers to pass-level as quickly as possible, but aim to prepare drivers for a long and healthy life behind the wheel.
Alcohol slows messages from the eye to the brain, makes processing information more difficult and delays instructions to the body’s muscles; a recipe for disaster that caused 10,000 reported road casualties in 2010, with 250 fatalities. 

In the UK, the alcohol limit for drivers is 80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood.  Your weight, gender, metabolism, stress levels, age and whether you have recently eaten all affect this level, so our advice to young drivers is simple: Because it’s so hard to tell how close to the limit you really are, your best bet is to steer clear of alcohol altogether.
For more information on safe driving and driving lessons, get in touch with your nearest Nottingham driving instructor from Mint Driving School.

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